Friday, December 25, 2009

Free World of Warcraft Time Card

A World of Warcraft Time Card is something that you can actually get for free, without giving away any of your account information. If you know anything about Blizzard's World of Warcraft, you'll know that it requires a subscription towards it. The only way to enjoy World of Warcraft is by paying out of the pocket, for most people anyway. I've actually found a way of getting your Free World of Warcraft Time Card, easily and with little effort. If you're looking for the best way of getting a World of Warcraft Time Card without giving away your account information, read on.

To get started on your method on getting a Free World of Warcraft Time Card, you will need to visit the rewards website and sign up for your free account. I suggest you create a new gmail email address and sign up with that, just to be organized and the code will be sent to that email.

After signing up, visit the offers section then click free offers. Offers are what the website calls surveys. Every survey will give you an amount of points, and you can use the points to get prizes off that website, the main prize of this blog being a World of Warcraft Time Card. You will only need 30 points in order to get the World of Warcraft Time Card code emailed to you, so do enough surveys to get that amount.

When you have gotten that amount, visit the rewards section center, and click browse rewards. Look through the pc section until you come across the World of Warcraft Time Card, and then click request. It will then be sent to you within three days.

It's that easy, that's all you need to do and you'll be able to enjoy your Free World of Warcraft Membership. I know you people playing World of Warcraft Burning Crusade will love being able to play for free. This is repeatable and this won't get you banned or anything like that, this is legal. You really have nothing to lose, since you're not giving away your account information or anything. If you have any questions or comments leave one on this post. Enjoy your World of Warcraft Time Card for free!